About Tropex

Founded in 1981, TROPEX is Florida’s #1 commercial interior plant leasing company. Since then, we’ve grown to become a leader and innovator in the interior landscaping business. You’ve seen our Award-Winning Designs in Country Clubs, Hotels & Resorts, Office Buildings, Professional Offices, Upscale Businesses, Condominiums, and Luxury Residences. Our coveted clients span the state from our headquarters in Sarasota including Tampa to Marco Island, Stuart to Miami and beyond.

From award winning designs to the development of Greenscan Solutions, the data management technology that provides our customers with carefree service, TROPEX is at the forefront in the industry.

Exceptional Service

Quality means a real, live person answers the phone. From the first “Hello” you know you are in for exceptional service by a company that will treat you like their most important customer every step of the way. We strive to make our client’s experience with TROPEX flawless. We are always available for you if feel the need to call us…hopefully to tell us what a great job we’re doing! We will not forget our promise of exceptional service – rest assured that you will enjoy the same courtesy and attention that gave you the confidence to choose TROPEX as your professional interior plant company in the first place.

Expert Staff

How do we provide you with exceptional service? With expert staff, of course! We refer to our employees as Plant Partners and each employee is matched to their job in order to create a great experience for our customers. Plant Partners enjoy a casual yet professional work environment. Training and continuing education are top priority. Our technicians are inspired to be their very best with coaching and bonus incentives. TROPEX inspires our staff to be healthy with options for Healthcare Benefits and our friendly Fitness Challenge. It takes expert staff to provide Plant Leasing with a Difference!

Exciting Standards

We make indoor spaces more inviting with Exciting Designs. To keep your plants looking good, we have designed to exacting standards. Our Customer Service Managers and Horticultural Technicians strive to attain “Ideal” ratings in 21 categories in our custom-designed account inspection program and customers enjoy the benefits resulting from the exacting standards of TROPEX.

Creative Designs

Quite often in nature, simple is good. But when image is everything, count on TROPEX to make it so with custom created exciting designs. Our talented Design Consultants love their work and keep up with the latest trends. We’re the first to know about new and unusual plants for our customers who like to be on the cutting edge. New construction and renovations call for new design elements that complement the architecture and design. We’re delighted to offer decorative containers of every possibility: classic, colorful, artistic, exotic, or whatever the imagination desires. For exciting designs, you can depend on the experience of TROPEX.

Extraordinary Plants

While plants would just love to live and play where they were born, they are adaptable. TROPEX knows how to select extraordinary plants that will be just as happy indoors. Our creative and experienced Design Consultants select plants based on our customer’s vision, the principles of design, and the site specific environmental conditions of the venue. Exclusive to the trade decorative containers complete the vision. From a single, striking Phalaenopsis Orchid on a credenza to a masterfully planned atrium in an executive office building, TROPEX does it all with extraordinary plants provided by vendors we know and trust to meet our expectations so that we meet yours.